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Windows Printer Drivers for SATO Thermal Printers

Follow the instructions below to use the MP Driver installer to install the drivers for your printer. Right-click the model of your machine → select the printer driver to use in .

is driver updater free

I suppose you’re right in that it depends how the printer is connected/installed. I have seen them show up in device manager also but not all the time. The driver version should be listed on the test page that prints out. Maintenance operations such as print head cleaning, or to configure a printing profile that is common to all application windows 10 drivers for msi bluetooth software. Unless you have it set to automatically update, it’s up to you to check and make sure there aren’t any crucial updates that need to go through. PCL6 Driver – PCL6 is a general purpose text / graphics driver that’s ideal for spreadsheets, word processing and database printouts.


The Avast driver updater lets you to create backups of your device drivers that can be easily restored whenever needed. This functionality is particularly necessary as updating drivers can occasionally result in system malfunctions. In such cases, restoring a previous version of the problematic driver can help to restore the integrity of your computer. Here are some of the prominent offerings of Quick Driver Updater that makes it everyone’s go-to-tool. By keeping your device drivers up-to-date, you can speed up Windows performance significantly. That’s why if you want to enjoy using hardware on your computer, you have to get the best driver updater software for Windows 10, Windows 11 and below in 2023. Try one of these paid or free driver updater software for your PC to boost Windows performance and save time.

  • For PostScript Level 3 printers, try the generic drivers available from this page.
  • You can see a list of available printers, share your printer to a network, change the paper size, and check the print queue.
  • (This is easier to do than it is to describe.) Click Save to download the file.
  • They’ve had years to comply with this and clearly don’t give a shit.

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